Myself, Helen Grainger and Ben Brindley (other Tideswell based runners) have recently set up Tideswell Running Club which is aimed at people of all abilities. 

If you are training to run races or want to run for fitness then why not join us. We meet at 7pm every Wednesday, at The Star Public House (High Street, Tideswell). Free chips and sandwiches are served after the run on the last Wednesday of the month.

There is a dedicated beginners group so it is perfect for those who have never run before and also those wanting to improve their running.

We include the important rule of turning back in all of our runs. This is to pick up the slower runners so no one ever gets left behind.

Coaching Tips

These tips come from friends and courses I have done. Where possible I have put the source.
Change your trainers after you have run approximately 500 miles (Fit 2 Run Course and Runners World)
Prevention is better than cure.
Never wear new trainers in a race, always break them in first (Runners World)
Minor muscle injuries rest for at least 24-48 hours (Life Time Fitness)

Me running in the snow!