Equipment Used

Here at the fitness studio I use a variety of equipment in both circuit classes and individual or group sessions, below is a list of what is used:

kettlebells to try and loose the bingo wings 
weights to build the muscles up and to get rid of the bingo wings
treadmill to make it from a walk to a run 
spin bike to be a part of  a programme


Fit Ball. Core muscles get a better workout as it provides a unstable surface.

Core Board and core discs. Both provide a unstable surface that works the core muscles often without you knowing

Dyno Bands

Medicine ball. We use double handled ones as they offer much more for your money than those with no handles

Weighted bars. These are 5/6 feet long and weigh 12lb, we used them from many exercises, but i love them in sessions where we do deadlift or the clean and snatch just to get people used to the movement before going onto heavy weights.
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