Health Problems, GP Referrals and Exercise Advice

I understand that many people have health problems and are advised by their GP to take up exercise. I offer exercise solutions for many of these health issues. I am based in Tideswell in the Peak District and can travel to your house.

Exercise can improve a wide range of health problems and GPs are now referring many of their patients to local fitness professionals. What I can do in conjunction with your GP is offer exercises to help you. All we need is a letter from your doctor to say they want you to do some exercise.

There are so many health problems we can help with. These include:
  • Obesity
  • high or low blood pressure
  • respiratory disease
  • MS
Often just knowing how to exercise safely and effectively will help. Please feel free to call me, Paul at Sweat and Smile Personal Training on 07914817073.

Postural Assessments

When looking at new clients, I often include (without them knowing) a postural assessment and then give them corrective exercises. Everybody suffers from some type of muscle imbalances and I am here to help. As part of my Diploma I had to do postural assements, further training was provided by a number of gyms that I worked in.

I do a number of assessments, explain the importance of good posture, look at static and dynamic posture and explain some of the causes of faulty posture.

So when you have had a postural assement and you know what you are looking for you can look at a room full of people and see some of these imbalances yourself.

The assessment of posture is a complex skill and takes time to perfect and as a trainer I don't make assumptions about a clients posture and also I never diagnose medical conditions on the basis of what I see when doing an assessment.

I would rather lose a client by referring them on to physiotherapists, chiropractors or GPs than cause them lasting damage. Once referred, I do build relationships with physiotherapists and chiropractors and often the client is then referred back to us. In the Peak District I have a good relationship with a physiotherapists (one of my clients) and a GP (also on of my clients) and we often work closely together.

But why bother with these bio-mechanical assessments? They say there are four types of people who exercise. The uninjured, those who are recovering from injury, those who are injured and finally those who are about to be injured. Don't become one of the injured.